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Our advantages

Streamline is one of the leading private language schools in Belarus. At present Streamline is among the biggest non-chain language schools in Europe. Our school has earned its place in the educational market. We provide conventional study programmes as well as courses that are unique to the local educational market. All of our courses have exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Some facts and figures about streamline language school

  • 8 foreign languages and Russian for foreigners.
  • Over 100 academic programmes and courses.
  • Nearly 200 teachers, including native speakers.
  • Annual turnover of nearly 8500 students.
  • 22 study locations in the centre of Minsk.
  • In-company Teacher-training Academic Department.
  • Our own published series of textbooks and audio courses, creative projects, authored programmes, and teaching techniques.
  • International Examination Centre: TOEFL iBT®, ÖSD, ACT, LCCI, PTE, TCF Québec.
  • Streamline Education Agency received the status of ICEF Agency.
  • Streamline Education Agency is an accredited partner of the British educational association English UK.
  • Streamline Education Agency is an authorized agency of the international association Quality English.
  • Member of the International organization IATEFL.
  • Winner of the public vote Interfax, 2010 – 2012 as The Best Language School in Minsk.


We offer you many educational options

We provide educational services in a variety of foreign languages (currently 8) at our school. The instruction is provided through a range of programmes – about 100 in total – of differing intensities, levels of proficiency and purpose.

Our classes are held throughout a number of convenient locations. We also offer different class schedules at various learning paces. You can begin your studies at Streamline at any point throughout the year.

Based on your preferences, you may also choose the size of your study group. Study group options include the following: Standard groups of no more than 12 people, VIP groups of up to 6 people, and Maxima groups where up to 18 people can study. Moreover, should your needs or preferences change, you may always ask to be transferred to another group.

Streamline provides groups for children, teenagers, and young adults. We also, however, offer special courses designed to fit the specific needs of learners over the age of 30.


We immerse students in their chosen language

Streamline instructors are experts at modern and effective teaching methods. Besides using regular activities and tests, we employ various innovative educational techniques. From the very first class, teachers instruct using the target language. Our main goal is to provide all language learners, even beginners, with the skills necessary to use the language in practical, real-life situations.

One of the definite advantages of studying at Streamline is that we offer additional free weekly classes with native speakers. These lessons provide our students with constant language practice.


We guarantee the quality of our teaching

Since 1998, our school has been teaching foreign languages in accordance with international quality standards. Streamline course programmes abide by the standards of the Common European Framework (CEF).

Since 2005, Streamline has been a member of IATEFL (an organization in Great Britain) — one of the most prestigious international institutions of English teaching. The goal of this organization is to unite professionals within the sphere. Our leading professionals participate in annual IATEFL international conferences in Great Britain, learn about the most cutting-edge developments in teaching methodology and immediately include them in the teaching process in our school

Top-level professional teachers and methodologists from Streamline make every effort to improve the learning experience of our students. Their task is to consistently develop their own level of professionalism on an international level, transfer knowledge to the teaching team, and establish standards and control the quality of the educational process.

Streamline teaching methods, learning programmes and educational resources improve constantly. Every year our specialists set up and successfully complete new and challenging tasks!

Streamline pays special attention to the professional development of its teaching staff. All of them are young and innovative. They have gone through a rigorous hiring and training process by our Academic Department and have a high level of expertise. They have visited foreign countries and are constantly improving their skills at seminars and training courses. Our teachers can help anyone learn, and they make the educational process both fun and exciting.

Our teachers base their lessons on the instructional materials included in our vast library of over 1,200 textbooks. They also supplement their instruction with audio, video and electronic resources.

Teachers use the most recent textbooks, published and edited by reputable international publishing houses, authentic audio and video materials and a lot of additional information. These materials, taken together, allow our students to receive deeper and more comprehensive language training.

Moreover, Streamline has its own high quality textbook series and audio courses, which are used in the learning process.

Two times in a row – in 2010 and in 2012 – Streamline won the title of best language school in Minsk according to the public poll by Interfax, leaving competitors far behind.


You may take international exams at our school

The certified Streamline Examination Centre prepares students for international tests, and provides them with the opportunity to take certainprestigious international examinations, including TOEFL iBT® — the standard, and most popular, test of English proficiency.

Those who study German may take the ÖSD test at Streamline and receive the so-called Austrian Language Diploma.

Students who wish to enter American colleges can also take the ACT general education exam at Streamline.


We don’t just teach!

You want to combine entertainment with study? You wish to gather with like-minded people and communicate with them in your new language? Streamline always tries to make the academic process not only effective but also a lot of fun!

We have created the Streamline Club – each of our students becomes a member of this association and can take part in its progressive education programmes! Students can discuss things together at Speak-up Club, watch films in their original language at Movie Nights, read and discuss books at Book Club, and learn with other beginners at Elementary Club. Each group provides a venue where our students can have fun together, practice foreign language skills in real life situations and make new friends. Moreover, Streamline students and teachers have fun together at the Streamline Prom and at other parties. In addition, during the summer and school vacation periods, Streamline provides students with the opportunity to participate in travel and study abroad programmes. We also offer students a chance to travel and study in other parts of Belarus.


We share our knowledge with others

We are confident that a high-quality language school should share its bounty of knowledge with others. We bring our knowledge, skills, techniques, and positive energy to other schools!Streamline helps promote the study of foreign languages and the implementation of up-to-date teaching techniques in Belarus. Our supervisors regularly hold seminars for teachers and administrators of other schools in Minsk. Streamline specialists take part in developingnew formats of academic competitions, organizing seminars and language contests for university students.

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