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Work with us

Streamline Language School was founded in 1998 as a small family business. It is now among the biggest non-chain language schools in Europe, with annual turnover of 13 000 students. Our offices are located in Minsk, Mogilev, Brest and Grodno. Streamline is the first Quality English Associate School in Belarus. In 2014, Streamline won the national HR-Brand Award for the project aimed at promoting the teaching profession. Currently, we have a team of over 250 teachers, including native speakers from abroad.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the possibility to achieve their goals in a global environment by understanding their individual needs and providing the most effective solutions in language, communication, and cultural competence.

Streamline seeks instructors for its friendly and creative team. Ideal candidates:

  • have achieved native-like fluency;
  • apply current language teaching methods in practice;
  • create a positive classroom environment for their students.

As a ‘Streamliner’ you will:

  • get access to an extensive database of current teaching resources and tools, professional literature;
  • develop your professional competencies within a well-organized in-company training system (one-to-one training sessions, SIGs, seminars, workshops, online calls with foreign keynote teacher trainers, etc.);
  • attend weekly English language support classes under the supervision of an experienced teacher trainer;
  • earn international certificates (CAE, CPE, FTBE) which demonstrate your linguistic and professional competencies;
  • go on Fam trips to London (educational and cultural tours) as well as accompany groups of young students to English-speaking countries;
  • take part in numerous Streamline Club projects (Grammar Club, Movie Nights, Book Club, Fun Club, Grammar Detectives, Streamline Camp, etc.);
  • receive productivity bonuses based on your professional achievements;
  • attend Streamline courses (second or third language) at a corporate discount;
  • get monthly public transport tickets if you work with corporate clients;
  • get health insurance, once you are a full-time teacher;
  • feel the team spirit at corporate entertainment projects (game and quiz nights, excursions and outings, parties);
  • bring your kids to free weekend English classes and annual New Year parties.

Please, send your resume to resume@str.by.

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