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Our Language School

Streamline Language School was founded in Minsk in 1998 as a small family business and it has been a great success ever since. Currently, we have a team of more than 250 teachers, including native speakers, and annual turnover of over 13 000 students! 

At present Streamline is among the biggest non-chain language schools in Europe and is the first Quality English Associate School in Belarus.

Streamline has set up regional offices in Mogilev, Brest, Grodno.

Our school provides educational services to thousands of individuals and hundreds of corporate clients using modern teaching techniques in accordance with international quality standards. We offer classes in nine languages at various levels of proficiency - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Chinese and Russian as a foreign language. Our course programmes follow the standards established in the Common European Framework (CEFR). 

Streamline prides itself on developing its own unique textbook series and audio courses. Each year our specialists implement creative projects, design tailor-made courses and enhance teaching methods and service standards. Top-level professional teachers and methodologists from Streamline make every effort to improve the learning experience of our students. Their task is to consistently develop their own level of professionalism on an international level, transfer knowledge to the teaching team, and establish standards and control the quality of the educational process.

In 2010, Streamline set up an International Education Agency that received the status of ICEF Agency and became English UK, Business English UK and Quality English Authorized Partner Agency. We have partnered with a wide range of educational institutions all over the world, including leading schools, colleges, universities, preparatory academies, and language schools.

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